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  • Ian Gotts
    Unsubscribe...just let me go!: We all get unsolicited emails. Spam accounts for 78% of all email traffic according to Wikipedia. But now that GoogleMail and companies like MessageLabs are pretty good at filtering out the obvious junk and downright offensive and inappropriate, what's the most efficient way of unsubscribing from the rest of it? Read more
     August 22,2013 by Ian Gotts
  • Kelly Allan
    Looking at the Other Side of the ‘Moon’: If you're managing by visible numbers alone you're likely not getting the real picture of what's going on. What is obvious is typically not the full story and perhaps is even incorrect, writes contributor Kelly Allan. Includes a Reader's Mini Guide to the works of Dr. W. Edwards Deming. Read more
     May 16,2013 by Kelly Allan
  • Kelly Allan
    BOOK REVIEW - The Essential Deming: Leadership Principles from the Father of Quality: Joyce Nilsson Orsini's new book THE ESSENTIAL DEMING provides an excellent bridge to the next level of Deming’s insights, writes contributor Kelly Allan. Dr. Orsini reviewed and studied documents, videotapes, letters, interviews, and notes archived in a variety of locales, during the production of the book. The result, says Allan, is a very readable book that brings additional richness and clarity to many of Deming’s principles. Read more
     January 29,2013 by Kelly Allan
  • Process Improvement Tip #12: Have patience
    Process Improvement Tip #12: Have patience: Rather than lurching from one thing to the next, not allowing the dust to settle anywhere before you go and stir it up again, follow your improvement through and give it time to catch on in your organization. Often we underestimate the amount of time it takes for an improvement to become a habit. Read more
     November 2,2012 by Diana Davis
30 column results
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